Vacations are God’s idea!

Not just recovery…
I have returned from a month long vacation , mostly in Bath, UK but also a week in Lisbon, Portugal. I am very thankful that the church gives clergy a month in the summer and I am reminded that God built rest into the fabric of the earth. In our climate most plants and many trees drop their leaves and rest through the winter. They awake in the Spring and burst into life.

That “bursting into life” is God’s purpose inĀ giving us rest – and rest is not just recovery but also renewal. In the weekly cycle of days God gave one day a week to rest from our labours on the other days. This too is not only for recovery but also renewal. It is so tempting to just keep going, there is so much to do, but do we ever finish?

Take a day off from your usual labours this week and every week, trusting God for the things you did not get done. Enjoy the feeling of the day after and the energy that comes with it.

How much longer…

Today I heard of another black man who was shot by police. Thankfully he was not killed. We have also heard of black people shooting police officers. It is too easy to say, “This has to stop!” We might as well say that the Niagara Falls has to stop. For that to happen big changes have to happen way upstream of the falls to alter the flow of water. It is also so of the violence we have been hearing about. Society is deeply flawed and the flaws are our own. If we were to live with the generous love that Jesus modelled our worlds would be so much different. Jesus taught us that loving our enemies was more effective than hating them. Jesus said that we should lay our lives down for the sake of our neighbours. Somehow we are all neighbours to those police officers and black men – 6 degrees of separation… The change can begin with me.