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The first day of the week…

The first day of the week…

By In blog On April 19, 2017

Your week probably starts on Monday. The Christian week begins on Sunday because that was the day that everything changed for the world and us and everything that lives on the earth and even the earth itself. Suddenly we had a future with a guaranteed happy ending. On Easter Day, also known as the Day of Resurrection, the one challenge that the world has been able to win – death – was conquered. So what?

Resurrection followed death and changes the way we must think about Jesus’ crucifixion . His death must have meant something. Without resurrection the cross would be silent, it would mean nothing, it would have achieved nothing but with the risen Jesus comes all the benefits of the crucifixion. Resurrection day makes the crucifixion mean that our sin is cleared, our reasons for guilty consciences demolished, our deaths turned into births, and our lives transformed by hope, now and beyond.

No wonder that Sunday, the Day of Resurrection, is the first day of the Christian week. It is the day we get recharged with the benefits of Christ’s death and resurrection. The day when we remember how much we are worth, that Jesus would die for us. The day when we remember that Jesus is alive with us and for us and for the world.